Dreams are illustrations... from the book your soul is writing about you. –Marsha Norman

Hey, Lisa, you’ll never guess what I dreamed…

That is how I wake up nearly every morn­ing. “Dave, you need to write these down,” is Lisa’s near con­stant reply. Very few of my dreams can be con­sid­ered broadly enter­tain­ing, I doubt they have any great mean­ing, and I can see no rea­son for any­one but myself to be inter­ested in them. But there is some drive inside me to set some of these down.

Dreams are not the eas­i­est things to recall. The more I try and remem­ber, the more I know I have let some­thing pass; like a déjà vu the feel­ing of some­thing missed is felt, but the total­ity of it is gone. I know I have many more dreams in any given night than I can recall or thus write about. Many I can only evoke glimpses of, or fleet­ing feel­ings from… I know they were dreamt (and much more com­pletely), but the full expe­ri­ence has have faded from my conscious.

I have done my best to be as true as pos­si­ble to my dreams as I recre­ate them in writ­ing. I try to cen­ter on what the dreams’ focus was, and describe that which stands out from it. I could fill in a lot more details once I am awake if I wanted, but that is not my pur­pose; I want to recon­struct the orig­i­nal dream.

We will never know the why of dreams, and rarely do we under­stand the what. Some are lucky enough to be inspired by them, and go on to cre­ate great things pushed on by their mem­o­ries of their inner visions. But most peo­ple wake and move on, never tak­ing a moment to reflect on the beauty of the dream.

And, so, this blog. I just thought I should get busy and write down some of my wacky visions from my nightly dreams. Lisa says my dreams are cool… they are cer­tainly wild. I doubt they are enter­tain­ing to any­one but me.

But here they are… anyway.


I know a lot of my friends will appear here; I dream a lot about the peo­ple around me. I am lucky to have a lot of really great peo­ple as friends. I was wor­ried about using their names, and thought through just how I would name the real peo­ple. First, I thought to chang­e the real names (to pro­tect the inno­cent!), but that would be too much over­head to keep con­sis­tent. I ended up decid­ing to use  everyone’s real first names, but not iden­ti­fy­ing them by last names. My friends will be able to iden­tify them­selves, and some other peo­ple to be sure. I just ask you to remem­ber that these are dreams, and not real, con­scious thoughts and desires; please do not hold me account­able in the real world for what my mind does in the free­dom of the night. None of this is per­sonal, it is all about fun and entertainment.

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