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A Pirate Looks At 50

Even (or espe­cially) against where I was even a month ago, I see how lucky I have been. The past month has been very good to me. (Maybe this is why today is no longer filled with dread a small voice speaks). Con­tinue read­ing

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Scott Walker and Me

Who is Dave Koch? At one time, I was a jour­nal­ist. I cared about being accu­rate, and play­ing by the rules. Ian Mur­phy is nei­ther. The ends do not jus­tify the means in this instance. There was no earth-shattering facts devel­oped from Mr. Murphy’s decep­tion, noth­ing Mr. Walker said (or was deceived into say­ing) jus­tify Mr. Mur­phy lying, under­handed trick­ery. When you lis­ten to the phone call, there were no wild sur­prises, noth­ing worth pub­lish­ing, much less low­er­ing your pro­fes­sional stan­dards to the level Mr. Mur­phy did. All he suc­ceeded in doing was cre­at­ing more dis­cord and dis­agree­ment between two par­ties that are at each other’s throats. Con­tinue read­ing

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dreams come as gos­samer visions or heart-stopping dra­mas, played out on a stage Cecil B. De Mille would be envi­ous of… and then they take flight, wink out and are never seen again… Con­tinue read­ing

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