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Wood and Strings

We hopped in a golf cart, and headed along a path that fronted the course. The run­ners would start off through a gate and run in a park on the other side of the chain link fence. At the first cor­ner, they would head to the right; we sat at the cor­ner and watched them pass. The chil­dren were run­ning past now; I rec­og­nized Clara as she waved and passed us by.
While I had thought I had plenty of time– Jim had assured me I did!- I heard the call for my start. We raced back to the start­ing line in the golf cart. I went to where I had removed my race shoes, and they were gone. Con­tinue read­ing

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Mixed Up, Muddled Up

He grew a set of ears out of his shoul­ders. Long, nar­row ears, like a don­keys. Then his whole back erupted into a set of wings. And then those dis­solved back into his back, and another object grew out of his back. At times, he would even spell words in block let­ters as tall or taller than his head… Con­tinue read­ing

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