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Welcome Back!

Bill, you look amaz­ing”, I said to him as he passed by.

He just grunted a reply, not so much from rude­ness, but because he was used to syco­phants; he expected every­one to say nice albeit untrue things to him always, so he was used to pass­ing such com­ments off.

No, I mean it”, I con­tin­ued as a trailed behind him. “You look like a new man. You look healthy as an ox.”

Again, he could only grunt in reply; I was not get­ting through to him. I looked at him, I tried to look deeper than the tan. His eyes were more alert, the wrin­kles gone from his face. And he had…

Bill”, I con­tin­ued, “Do you real­ize you have hair?” Con­tinue read­ing

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Ozzie Airlines (Welcome Aboard)

I took stock of the desert around us. It was as des­o­late as deserts are often wont to be. This bar­ren land­scape had its own bleak beauty to it. The sands were bright and red­dish orange, and blown like flames up the sides of the craggy rocks that served as the only hills across this hori­zon. The rocks betrayed their vol­canic ori­gins, black, irreg­u­lar in shape and sharp at the edge. The rock’s con­trast with the salmon sands make both more pro­nounced, both more appeal­ing and the whole more intrigu­ing. Con­tinue read­ing

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Journalism On The Half-Shell

The men were look­ing for me. My com­pan­ion pointed to the dam and said the other side of that dam is a 300 foot fall; Dave could not have gone that way. The intrud­ers ques­tioned him as to the neces­sity of a dam, espe­cially at that height. Did the val­ley below ever really fill all the way up to this level and start flood­ing our river? As I looked down that seemed like an improb­a­ble if not impos­si­ble cir­cum­stance indeed. Con­tinue read­ing

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