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The Spider and The Bear

Par­al­lel­ing the rise of the road above the floor was a wooded frame­work, not yet fin­ished out. This was a tem­po­rary struc­ture– a sim­ple wooden scaf­fold­ing– that would be used to posi­tion cam­era and crew off the set but in a proper posi­tion to cap­ture per­for­mances at the cor­rect level. The treads across this scaf­fold­ing could eas­ily be removed, and the basic struc­ture blended right in to the set itself. This allowed the direc­tor to shoot wide shots from any­where he wanted. Con­tinue read­ing

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Light ‘em Up

There was an exte­rior shot of the Bat­mo­bile com­ing around a cor­ner and stop­ping– that was hot over there on the back lot. And then Bruce Wayne’s office was shot on the stage. We looked at the set on the video. It was a dark set, with a messy desk and a lot of hand-written sticky notes all over. Con­tinue read­ing

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Planes, Trains and Christmas Carols…

There was Hanks, in full make-up, head­ing to the sound stages. He had white added to the sides of his hair, and was in full cos­tume. He was fol­lowed by Christo­pher Lloyd, who was play­ing Scrooge. Con­tinue read­ing

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You have just entered…

Instead of the immense sense of fore­bod­ing, the scenes are a lit­tle lighter in nature, almost comic. The sound track is dif­fer­ent, and now has a laugh track. The men now smile and smirk at the end of their lit­tle scenes. Some­where in here, I know, there is a real UFOCon­tinue read­ing

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