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Inner Revolution

The fur­ther down the path we went, the darker our world became. The clouds thicken and bruised the sky. We came to a point where the path was blocked. Side to side, they had strung razor wire across out path. We had expected this; we had a way around the wire: We went under­neath it. As soon as we had cleared that bar­rier, we saw our next problem.
Slowly, lum­ber­ing up the hill toward us was a giant rocket on a mobile launch vehi­cle. The white gird­ers of the launcher were heavy and unwieldy. The weight of the rocket sunk the wheels of the trans­port into the soft earth, mak­ing progress slow. The diesels push­ing the launcher up the rise moaned under the stress, the ground rever­ber­at­ing in sym­pa­thy with their labor­ing. Slowly, delib­er­ately, the back end began to swing around as the pushed the launcher into its final posi­tion. Con­tinue read­ing

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Of Mice and Magicians

He knew I was com­ing; he could see me and watch me at his whim. When I arrived, he looked at me hard. He was not wor­ried about me, and not scared. He was not amazed, nor was he star­tled. He was not warm or invit­ing. Like the rocks around him, he just was.

He nod­ded slightly to me, invit­ing me to fol­low; he turned and went into his home. The door was old, once red, but the paint worn and faded. In many placed the paint was com­pletely worn through to the wood beneath. But the door was thick and solid. It would have to be to seal off the home from the rav­ages of the sand storms it was there to but­tress against. Con­tinue read­ing

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My Words, Unconstrained

And then I saw the name painted on the side: Chal­lenger. The story came back to me. All of the shut­tles had train­ers for backup. After the dis­as­ter, it was just assumed the train­ing shut­tle would be upgraded, out­fit­ted for space and pushed into ser­vice as a replace­ment vehi­cle. But to honor the men and women of the Chal­lenger, NASA ulti­mately decided that there would be no more Chal­lengers in space. Con­tinue read­ing

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Rocket Man

Though it could not be seen, even from our great height, I knew what was between the next two fin­gers of land: a space port. I told the woman that this was where rock­ets were launched from. In fact, had just looked at a rocket being prepped there. Con­tinue read­ing

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