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A Pirate Looks At 50

Even (or espe­cially) against where I was even a month ago, I see how lucky I have been. The past month has been very good to me. (Maybe this is why today is no longer filled with dread a small voice speaks). Con­tinue read­ing

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The Spider and The Bear

Par­al­lel­ing the rise of the road above the floor was a wooded frame­work, not yet fin­ished out. This was a tem­po­rary struc­ture– a sim­ple wooden scaf­fold­ing– that would be used to posi­tion cam­era and crew off the set but in a proper posi­tion to cap­ture per­for­mances at the cor­rect level. The treads across this scaf­fold­ing could eas­ily be removed, and the basic struc­ture blended right in to the set itself. This allowed the direc­tor to shoot wide shots from any­where he wanted. Con­tinue read­ing

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Ozzie Airlines (Welcome Aboard)

I took stock of the desert around us. It was as des­o­late as deserts are often wont to be. This bar­ren land­scape had its own bleak beauty to it. The sands were bright and red­dish orange, and blown like flames up the sides of the craggy rocks that served as the only hills across this hori­zon. The rocks betrayed their vol­canic ori­gins, black, irreg­u­lar in shape and sharp at the edge. The rock’s con­trast with the salmon sands make both more pro­nounced, both more appeal­ing and the whole more intrigu­ing. Con­tinue read­ing

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Dave’s Deliverence

The scis­sors cut some, but other treads just slipped through the blades. Many of the strings were snarled with strands from other seams, too. My shorts were a tan­gled mess of threads from every­where. The more fiber I sliced with the nearly-worthless scis­sors, the more I found I needed to cut. Con­tinue read­ing

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College Daze

The teacher came over to ask me a ques­tion; I just pre­tended to be sleep­ing, and she went on and asked the girls next to me. They did not know the answer, either. Con­tinue read­ing

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